VRay Fun

Been testing out VRay for a bit and it has started to really grow on me. I can spend more time getting the lighting and textures right instead of hunting down the noise demons that dwell in Modo's render engine. I really just hit render and let VRay do it's thing. Here is a outdoor study I worked on last night.

"Some places are better left forgotten..."

Daily 3D project: Week two.

Plugging along with week two of the Daily 3D project with a bit more success after trying to simplify my ideas.  Went a bit more into simply fun cartoonish characters then abstracts.  Was a lot of fun to model out and render this guy.  Based off of a sketch by billiambabble that I really liked on instagram. 

Daily 3d Project

I started to do a Daily 3D project about a week ago and it has been a really intersting excercise so far.  I am attemping to post one 3D project a day to my instagram account but I don't always get something worth posting.  Which is a nice way of saying that I have gone down some real ugly rabbit holes of bad ideas and misplaced direction, lol!  It has beat into my skull that once again that simpler is almost always better. Get an idea and see how far you can strip it down just to get something decent looking. Ton of fun though and learning all sorts of things doing it.  Highly recommend it or something similar if you are in the arts.