Behance.... huh, look at that....

Have not loaded up my Behance page in some time. Seems like my stats have gone a little bit nutty. Hello all you Behance peoples!


I need to do a round of portfolio updates soon I guess. It’s always a major pain in the ass to pull files and make before and afters…. wah, wah, wah!

'Welcome to #Hustletown': How hustle culture took over advertising - Digiday

To be clear, hustle isn’t just hard work — it’s showing that you’re working hard. It’s Instagram posts about how much you have to travel for work, it’s LinkedIn and Medium memos about how if you’re not working yourself to the bone you’re not doing enough. It also smacks a little bit of “work at all costs.” And if you’re not struggling, you’re probably not working hard enough.

“There’s this whole thing about how being an entrepreneur, or even just a person working, has to be like falling on your face while eating glass,” said Eliason. “That’s bullshit. This is a job, and you can quit any time.”

This is such bullshit bro culture crap. It’s needs to die with the “Gig Economy today.”

There is backlash coming to this. Eliason is one of them — he’s instituted new rules at his agency that include flat fees, not time billed. People are now focused on balance, mindfulness, and not dying because you have too much to do. 

“Younger employees rightly question their return on doing things 100 times. Is the work getting better as a result of this?” said Clark.”The approach to creative ideation is necessary and good and yields better work, but there is a point where it gets to diminishing returns.”


The Burn

Just getting off of a pretty crazy push through a lot of projects. Just a reminder to everyone out there to remember to take time for themselves as well. Balance people! ;)

New works to share!

Just posted a bunch of new stuff to the danklife portfolio and Behance, as Dr. Brule says, "Check it out!"

Conoco Animations.

Jeremy spent all day yesterday making us awesome new animations for the portfolio. Look for more updates to come in the following weeks.